During our first half term, we will be using three engaging books to stimulate our learning and enhance our vocabulary. Our first book will be ‘Tiddler’, followed by ‘The Lighthouse Keppers’s Lunch’ and ‘Grandad’s Island’. We will begin by writing amazing sentences which are correctly punctuated and have capital letters. We will also be developing our vocabulary by adding adjectives, conjunctions and a range of sentences to our work.
Year_2 Aut 1 2018 Curriculum Topics
In maths, this half term, we will be looking at:
Number and place value
Addition and subtraction
Multiplication and division
In science we will be looking at materials and whether they are suitable for purpose. We will also be conducting a number of tests to see how solid objects can be changed. In addition to this, we will be looking into the work of scientist Charles Macintosh who invented waterproof material.
Anchors away!
During our topic lessons, we will be naming the continents and oceans of the world. We will also become explorers and compare coastal areas around the world to the coastal areas we know in the UK. ALso, we will compare coastal areas in the UK to how they were in the past. In addition to this, we will extend out Y1 knowledge of Christopher Columbus further and explain why he is such a significant historical figure.
Our DT sessions will link closely with our science topic as we test materials to check whether they are suitable to build our own lifeboat. Parents, look out for your invitation to come and help us bring our designs to life! After this, we will evaluate how effective our lifeboat is to be able to save the chocolate coins which are stranded in sea!
Our computing work will focus on creating documents which are appealing to look at. We will do this by learning how to change the font, colour and size of our writing as well as adding images. Alongside this, we will also look at how to use technology safely and responsibly by creating a Y2 acceptable use policy for the computers.
PSCHE – Living in the wider world: rules and responsibilities.
RE - Christianity - Is it possible to be kind to people all of the time?
Music - Hands, feet and heart.
PE - Real PE and IMoves dance