This half term we will be focusing on poetry and narrative. In poetry we will look at the layout of poems, similes and description, rhyming words and alliteration. In narrative, we will be describing settings and different dinosaurs!
Year_1 Autumn 2 Curriculum Topics
One big focus for year one this half term is number bonds to 10 and 20. We will also be working on securing partitioning numbers to add and subtract on a hundred square.
Topic - History and Geography
We will be naming and describing different dinosaurs, looking at whether they are carnivores or herbivores and also thinking about when in history they lived.
How loud can a dinosaur roar?
In science we will continue our work on seasonal changes. So far we can name the four seasons, order the months of the year and we will begin to think now about what season different months are in. We will also start an investigation linked to Autumn where we will measure leaf fall over a number of days and think about we can keep the test fair and then record our results.
We will be printing and making a dinosaur theme! Nearer to Christmas we will incorporate some Christmas craft and card making! On the 28th November we have a DT themed day! Make sure you come and see what every class has done!
Spelling, punctuation and grammar
We will be working hard on securing our tricky word knowledge by reading and spelling them. These are words such as 'was' and 'came'.
We will continue our dance work from last half term! We have some amazing dance moves! PE days will be Tuesday and Friday.