In English, we will develop our writing skills using a range of class texts such as 'Tiddler', 'Granddad's Island' and a range of Traditional Tales. Our focus will be on ensuring that we are using capital letters and full stops and that our sentences make sense. We will progress to include conjunctions (and, because, so, but and that), include adjectives to make our writing interesting and sentence openers to make our writing flow. Writing genres we will write include, stories, descriptions, letters and non-chronological reports.
Year_2 2019-2020 Curriculum Topics
In maths, we will begin by focusing on place value to ensure that children have number sense. We will then move on to number bonds to 10, 20 and 100 and addition and subtraction questions. We will also begin learning our 10's, 5's and 2 times tables before moving on to working out multiplication and division questions. Finally, shape and length will be taught. Throughout the term, opportunities for reasoning and problem solving will also be present.
In Geography, we will be looking at the uses of coastal areas in the UK. Also, we will learn about the fishing industry and how this has meant that we require a more sustainable approach to fishing today. We will also discuss similarities between UK fishing and fishing in a small Mexican village.
Y2 Autumn
In History, we will use our fantastic trip to Grimsby Heritage Centre to explore what life would have been like as a 1950's fisherman. Sea legs at the ready as we go aboard the Ross Tiger fishing trawler.
We will then look at Columbus' and his voyage across the Oceans before looking at the Wright Brothers' invention of the bi-plane.
In computing, we will devlop our word processing skills and create word documents. We will learn how to change the font style, font size as well as other formatting such as bold, italics and underlining.
We will be exploring materials and their suitability throughout the first half term and aim to make a buoyant, waterproof lifeboat to save a chocolate treat!
We will then move on to our 'Animals including Humans' topic in which we will explore the following terminology: offspring, reproduce, extinct, life cycle and survival.
In RE, will we look at different stories told by Jesus and think about how they could relate back to kindness.