Much of our PSED work will be carried out through adult engagement in provision during child-led play, circle time sessions and as inspired by our floor book activities. The children will be supported to solve their own problems and conflicts and find compromise and skills to unpick and identify their feelings and emotions. We will be working on our ability to see things from someone else's viewpoint.
Foundation Spring 2 Curriculum Topics
In Communication and Language we will be exploring our use of topical vocabulary and ability to continue our own conversations within play and guided groups. One strand of this will focus upon the use of tense- past, present and future forms and self-checking/correcting this in speech, understanding and written forms. We will also be working towards end of year goals or in exceeding them :)
Some of our PE sessions may start to take place outside over the next term to enhance our ball skills when throwing, catching and passing different sized balls. We will continue to have indoor and outdoor activities within continuous provision to promote fine and gross motor skills, along with additional interventions targeting areas of weakness or gaps.
'Where in the World are F2?'
In Literacy we will continue to explore non-fiction texts to support and enhance our topic. We will also use our first hand experiences linked to cooking to support recipe and instructional writing. Our Reading Rainbow will continue to support phonic application and keywords when reading and in supporting independent writing.
In maths we will be securing our understanding of addition and subtraction using familiar strategies- use of objects/fingers, a number line, 100 square and challenging high ability pupils to partition numbers into tens and ones. We will also be continuing our strands linked to 2d and 3d shape, measures and into time and money objectives too.
Our topic is covered throughout all 17 aspects of learning again this half term and will be celebrated at our Family assembly too :) We will explore similarities and differences between people, communities, living things and ways of life. This too will be developed when exploring plants and animal aspects too. Our technology will continue to focus upon safe use of the internet, mouse and keyboard skills.
Through music, art, dance and drama we will explore beats, rhythm, rhyme and space inside and outside the classroom. Our creations will continue as we explore clay, printing and designing and making of food dishes etc
In terms of our imagination we will be recording and observing this as always through role play, small world play and in discussions happening around the room.