Personal Social and Emotional Development
In PSED we will be focusing upon the children's self-esteem and confidence when tackling challenges and supporting them through transition into Year One. Staff will provide additional strategies for children to solve their own problems and set aspirational targets for their own future.
Foundation Summer 2 Curriculum Topics
Communication and Language
In Communication and language we will be explore the children's listening skills as they work with peers and continue talking partner and collaborative tasks in planned activities and provision. We will also be assessing their understanding of language and speaking skills too in relation to end of year goals.
In PE and provision we will be observing the children in terms of balance, coordination, confidence when moving creatively on and off apparatus/equipment. Our Sports Day will also now fall into Summer 2. In addition healthy eating and exercise will be explored further in discussion.
Journeys and Changes
In literacy we will be using our first hand experiences of trips, duckling visitors and transitions into Y1 to support our independent writing across a range of genres. We will be exploring fiction and non-fiction reading and writing activities in guided and independent child-led play. Also we will be looking at reading comprehension tasks.
In maths, we will continue to solve addition and subtraction (extending more able children to partition numbers independently to + and -). We will also solve problems involving multiplication and division, doubling and halving and linked to 2d and 3d shape.
Understanding the World
Our topic next half term will be about how we have grown and changed since birth. This will also be explored in terms of our duckling eggs (which will be delivered during week 1 in June). This may also be enhanced as we explore similarities and differences amongst each other and people who help us.
Expressive Arts and Design
Much of this will be done through provision- creative station, busy bodies, gardening areas, role play, writing and reading areas. Also we have added a 'Coit's Got Talent' stage to our outdoor area!