Personal, Social and Emotional Development
Much of our Personal, Social and Emotional Development (PSED) objectives will be covered through our 'Going for Goals' and whole school learning mind set focused activities. We will however be providing more and more opportunities for the children to work on collaborative projects to feedback to class peers and other year groups. With the aim of them learning to solve their own problems/conflicts in play.
Foundation Spring Term Curriculum Topics
Communication and Language
Speaking and listening will continue to be at the front of our topic driving child led learning forward through our third floor book. The children will be asking their own questions to explore and research throughout the term. They will also continue to interact with each other in play in our indoor and outdoor classroom spaces. The range of topic related vocabulary and instructional/non-fiction texts will also enhance learning.
Physical Development
Through Spring, we will be focusing upon Gymnastics and Dance as our units of work. The children will be exploring movement on and off apparatus and using different topical based stimuli to further ignite our dance and also writing opportunities on larger scales. We will be supporting handwriting and letter formation using different media also to support fine motor skills.
Where in the World are F2?
Within Reading and Writing we will be linking our topics further through Chinese New Year and Shrove Tuesday. We will be linking these experiences to big book texts and creating parent workshops where possible to further promote independent writing. Our phonic skills are certainly supporting our reading and writing progression so please continue daily reading and keywords at home. Thank you
Within mathematics we will be continuing to revisit and review the children’s understanding and confidence with
Number - addition, subtraction, including number bonds and repeated addition (multiplication) repeated subtraction (division)
Shape- naming and describing 2D and 3D shapes
Measures- comparing units of measure and using vocabulary linked to weight, length and capacity
Understanding the World
Within our topic we may explore:
• Weather/climates
• Similarities and differences between people and places
• Homes and habitats
• Looking at changes over time
Expressive Arts and Design
Through the Spring term we will be designing and making lots of different craft pieces within provision and also drawing upon the children’s interests to expand further through our floor book approach. This will also be celebrated in different ways with other year groups and parents too. We have already been very creative so I can’t wait to see what we may do next!