In English we will be reading stories with animals in such as: Wombat goes Walkabout, Gilburt in Deep and The Tiger Skin Rug. We will be looking at the characters in the stories, retelling the and creating some poems. Our focus in English will be 'editing' work to make it better. This includes checking word makes sense, checking that there are no missing words, checking punctuation and using a thesaurus to create and develop word choices.
Year_1 Summer 2 Curriculum Topics
In maths we will be securing the use of a hundred square, revising division and multiplication, ensuring that the children understand and can use and apply the vocabulary 'quartering' and 'halving'. We will also be looking at data including tally charts and bar graphs.
In Science our focus will be humans and animals. We will be looking at:
Differences between animals and humans
Name human body parts and animal body parts
Identify and name common animals
How are animals suited to their environment
Amazing Animals
In Geography we will be looking at where animals live around the world such as Australia and the Jungle. We will be looking closely at why they choose that habitat.
Spelling, Grammar and Punctuation
We will be securing our knowledge of prefixes and suffixes and the rules around this. We will also be making sure that we are using all the phase 3 and 5 sounds to spell words correctly.
PE will continue to be Mondays and Wednesdays. On Mondays we will be continuing doing team games and on Thursdays this session will be with Catch Coaching.
We will be continuing our work on Jewish Festivals this half term.