In Personal, Social and Emotional Development we will focus on recognising and understanding our own and others’ feelings and emotions. We will also explore how to manage and express our emotions more effectively. As always, we will explore different scenarios to support the children to see things from another viewpoint.
Foundation Autumn 2 Curriculum Topics
We will be extending the children’s speaking and listening skills throughout guided groups, provision and links to any observations. Also our family workshops will enhance our floor book approach and the questions we explore through our topic.
In PE we will continue to develop our independence in dressing and undressing. We will be carrying out a range of activities which focus upon strength, balance and coordination around the classroom and through indoor and outdoor play. Our PE days will now be on a Wednesday and Friday.
Toys and Celebrations
In Literacy we will be focusing upon the children’s application of phonics into reading and writing tasks. Can he children remember the letter names and sounds learnt so far? Can they use this to support segmenting and blending when reading and segmenting for spelling?
In Mathematics we will be securing number recognition 0-20, matching quantity to number accurately and then adding and subtracting with objects and or a number line. In shape we will be naming and describing 2Dand 3D shapes. We will also continue with our comparative lanagiage to c9mpare different units of measure.
Understanding the World will be our main focus this half term- People and Communities will be explored through identifying similarities and differences as we learn about different cultures, religions and family traditions. We will also be developing our ICT skills as we use the internet to find out more and different programs to record our ideas.
In Expressive Arts and Design we will be designing and making linked to many aspects of our topic coverage. Also in provision this can be seen in construction, role play, sand/water foci, painting, clay work and in family workshops or through home learning.