Our thrilling English lessons will be related to our exciting topic whereby we will be using our incredible imaginations to plan and create exciting stories set at sea. To stimulate our thinking, we will explore the book 'Tiddler' and follow his exciting tale as he goes on an incredible adventure. We will learn how to retell the story using a range of enthralling vocabulary to engage the reader. Also, we will be perfecting our punctuation skills and will aim to develop our understanding of how to use adventurous sentence openers and conjunctions.
Year_2 Autumn 1 Curriculum Topics
Within maths, we will be developing our addition and subtraction skills. We will also be perfecting our understanding of place value. We will be applying these skills during our practical problem solving lessons, during which we may need to calculate how many people we could fit into a lifeboat or how many fish are left in the sea! We will also be improving our ability to multiply and divide numbers, both mentally and using written methods.
What are materials? How and why do materials change? Which materials would be useful for making a raincoat? These are all questions we will have opportunity to explore and answer through participating in hands on, exploratory activities. We will be able to develop our investigative skills through planning and carrying out simple experiments. Once we are skilled scientists, we will put these skills to great use during our DT lessons.
Anchors Away! Are you ready for a journey?
History / Geography
Our topic will give us a great opportunity to develop our map reading skills as we plan and plot voyages around the world. We will also develop our geographical skills through researching and describing a seaside resort, ensuring that we are using the correct geographical vocabulary. As well as this, we will become great historians and will experience what life was like in the 1950s for trawler men as we go on our exciting trip to Grimsby Fishing Heritage Centre.
Within our DT lessons, we will be focusing on designing and creating our very own lifeboat. We will be transferring our incredible scientific skills to help us to consider which materials we would use to create our boat and why. We will also need to perfect our problem solving skills whilst deciding upon the colour and shape of the boat. Look out for your invitation to our parent workshop, during which we may need your creative skills!
Important Information
PE days: Monday and Wednesday
Reading mornings: Tuesday and Friday
Spellings and Homework: To be given out on a Wednesday and due in the following Monday
Workshops / Trips
-Christopher Columbus Day
-Grimsby Fishing Heritage Centre Trip
-DT lifeboat workshop

Dates and further Information to follow