In English, we will be focusing our learning on traditional tales and creating some fantastic descriptions and stories of our own! We will continue to develop our skills of using conjunctions, adjectives and sentence openers to make our writing detailed and interesting. As well as this, we will be be showing off our spelling skills by using our phonics and spelling pattern knowledge.
Year_2 2018 Curriculum Topics
In maths, we will be covering: fractions, 2D and 3D shape, length and money. We will continue to use our arithmetic skills throughout the half term too.
Our science topic will be covering the topic 'Animals including humans', where we will look at how animals grow, what they need to survive and what would happen if they stopped reproducing. There will be many opportunities for asking and answering questions, making observations and classifying.
How would you improve Chapeltown?
For geography, we will be looking at our local area of Chapeltown and identifying human and man-made features. As well as this, we will be looking at the area and debating what we want to improve, before wrting a letter to our local council. There will be opportunities for us to practise our field work skills as we draw maps of our local area. We will also look at how Chapeltown may change in the future, for good or for bad.
In History, we will look back over the history of Chapeltown and how it has changed over the years. We will use our observational skills to identify what has changed and then discuss why we may think it has happened. Also, we will discuss how these changes have affected Chapeltown.
In PE, we will be developing our floor work and apparatus skills through gymnastics lessons.
In Art, we will be looking at abstract landscapes and discussing their features. We will then practise our colour-mixing and painting skills before creating our very own abstract landscape.