In English, we will be examining the fantastic superhero book, 'Bungleman'. We will use this engaging story to inspire our own brilliant writing. Look out as we describe characters and create our own exciting chapters about the clumsy hero. As we write, we will focus on using a range of adventurous vocabulary; incorporating conjunctions; using apostrophes and using a range of sentence types. Be prepared to be impressed!
Year_2 Summer 2 Curriculum Topics
We will continue to develop our amazing mathematic skills in the following areas:
-Addition and subtraction (with a focus on problem solving and checking our answers using the inverse operation)
-Money (including giving change)
-Multiplication and division facts
-Measures (weight, capacity, length)
How do plants grow? Where do they come from? What do they need to survive? These are all questions we will investigate in our 'Plants' science topic. Watch out for our 'green fingers' as we plan a range of investigations. We will plan how to make them fair and will perfect our prediction skills.
Could you be a hero?
Who is your real life hero? Why? Who are heroes in history?
We will delve deep into the past as we consider whether Florence Nightingale and Mother Teresa could be classed as real life heroes based on what they did.
Can you design a superhero cape? What would it need to be like? Why? What materials would you need to make it? Watch out in the Y2 classroom as we perfect our sewing skills and make real capes! Wow!
Our topic this half term is 'Changes'
How have I changed? Why?
What changes might I experience next year?
What will it be like to be in Y3?
How can I deal with these changes?
Other subjects
Computing: Animation
PE: Athletics
RE: Does completing Hajj make a person a better Muslim?
Art: Printmaking