We will be reading the brilliant Roald Dahl book, ‘The Twits’. We will explore how this imaginative author portrays the two vile characters using a range of creative language choices. We will also delve into each hilarious and captivating chapter to see what conniving tricks they get up to. Once this has sparked our own imaginations, we will aim to create our own inspiring chapters, using a range of descriptive language and sentence types. We will also look at creating persuasive texts, ready for our own Mrs Twit’s café!
Year_2 2019 Curriculum Topics
In maths we will be revisiting money, measurements and shape. As well as this we will be consolidating our arithmetic skills through maths challenges.
In science, we will be learning all about plants. We will observe how plants grow from bulbs into mature plants and also what they need to grow and stay healthy.
Who dares enter Mr Twit's Garden?
Our PE lessons will consist both dance skills and team games. Please note that Y2 will have PE on a Monday and Thursday.
In topic, we will be following the Roly-Poly bird as he takes flight around the world. We will research each continent and create a fact booklet about each.
Our PSHE lessons will focus on money. We will explore: sources of money; uses of money; spending and saving; role of money in their lives; managing money and keeping it safe; choices about spending; influences on spending choices.
Design Technology and Art
In DT, we will be looking at mechanisms. We will design, create and evaluate moving 'Mr and Mrs Twit' puppets to link to our English.

In Art, we will be looking at the Artist, Vincent Van Gough' and create our our painting inspired by his iconic 'Starry Night' work.