We will be reading the brilliant Roald Dahl book, ‘The Twits’. We will explore how this imaginative author portrays the two vile characters using a range of creative language choices. We will also delve into each hilarious and captivating chapter to see what conniving tricks they get up to. Once this has sparked our own imaginations, we will aim to create our own inspiring chapters, using a range of descriptive language and sentence types. We will also look at creating persuasive texts, ready for our own Mrs Twit’s café!
Year_2 Summer Curriculum Topics
Within maths, we will be developing our addition, subtraction, multiplication and division skills, using both mental and written methods. We will put these skills to great use during our problem solving lessons, where ‘Detective Dan’ may pay a visit into the Y2 classroom again! As well as this, we will continue to develop our time telling skills so don't be late for our lessons! It is so important that we keep practising our times table as well as being able to recognise multiples of 2, 5 and 10 instantly.
Where do animals live? What is a habitat? How are animals well adapted? Why can’t some plants grow in this country? These are all questions we will be exploring as we continue our 'Animals and their Habitats' science topic. We will become experts at examining the plants and animals in our local area, and will conduct a range of exhilarating science investigations to make new and exciting discoveries. We will learn how to justify our predictions and how to conduct a range of fair tests.
Would you dare enter Mr Twit's garden?
Is there a storm brewing in Mr Twit’s garden? Are those dark clouds overhead?
This half term, the children will be monitoring the weather by creating wind socks and rain gauges. We will investigate why we have different types of weather during different times of the year, and will compare our weather to that of places overseas.
We will be designing and creating our very own Mr Twit puppets. Parents will be joining us in the construction of these fine puppets so get you creative hats on! We will also be designing, making and evaluating 'tasty' treats for our Mrs Twit's cafe.
Our computing work will focus on simulations. The children will create their own simulations to show what happens to plants when they get plenty of water and sunlight.
SEAL - Living in the Wider World
RE - How important is it for Jewish people to do what God has asked them to do?