This half term we are going to delve into the past and learn about life in Ancient Egypt. Mummification, gods and goddesses, Tutankhamen, education, pyramids and the River Nile will all feature in this topic. We will also be applying our geography skills, thinking about the change in land use, the role of the River Nile and the location and climate of Egypt in comparison to Sheffield.
Year_3 Autumn 1 Curriculum Topics
Myths and Legends will be our main writing focus in English this half term. Not only will we be reading myths, we will have the opportunity to learn about them through role play and write our own versions. As well as fictional writing, we will be writing non-fiction texts based on the discovery of Tutankhamen, in addition to writing diaries, letters and reports in the role of a mythical character.
In maths this half term we will be covering the following:
- Number and place value
- Addition and subtraction
- Multiplication and division
- A range of problem solving activities
Who were the Ancient Egyptians?
Rocks and Soils is our topic in Autumn 1 and will involve us observing, naming and grouping different types of rocks and understanding why they are suitable for their purpose. The children will also become palaeontologists as they look at the importance of fossils and how fossils are created. We will also study famous palaeontologist Mary Anning and discover how her discoveries have influenced our thinking today.
Posters and Pages
In this unit children focus on combining information to improve communication. They will learn how to communicate by using a combination of graphics and text. Children will create, edit, organise and store content for a given purpose both as a led task and independently.
RE / PSHE / MFL / Music
RE-Does joining the Khalsa make a person a better Sikh?
Spanish-Numbers 1-10, classroom instructions and greetings
MUSIC-Let your spirit fly
PSHE-Growing and Changing: managing feelings
Things to remember!
Reading mornings: Tuesday and Friday
PE days: Tuesday and Friday
Homework: Given Wednesday and returned by the following Monday.