In English, we will use 'Krindlekrax' by Philip Ridley as a stimulus for some engaging writing. This fascinating story will inspire us to create narratives, information texts and newspaper reports. We will continue to focus on writing in paragraphs, using direct speech and developing a rich vocabulary to use within our writing.
Year_3 Spring 2 Curriculum Topics
In maths, we will be applying our existing knowledge to the following topics:
- Statistics (analysing data)
- Number and place value (rounding, comparing and ordering numbers to 1000)
- Addition and subtraction (consolidating formal written methods)
Our next science topic will continue to explore 'animals including humans' and will investigate the following:
What is the purpose of our different types of teeth?
How does a food chain work?
What is an omnivore, herbivore and carnivore? Do they have different roles in a food chain?
Would you like to travel back to Ancient Greece?
Our topic will investigate life in Ancient Greece and answer the following questions:
Who were the Ancient Greeks?
Why were they so influential?
What beliefs did they have?
How did people live during Ancient Greek times?
In art, we will be designing and painting pottery with a Greek design, focusing on planning and evaluating our work. We will also be designing our own Ancient Greek Olympic emblem based on our knowledge of the birth of the Olympic Games in Athens.
We will be exploring the following question in RE:
'What is good about Good Friday?' This will involve learning to recall key events in the Easter story and understand why Jesus’ crucifixion symbolises hope for Christians.
Reading mornings: Tuesday and Friday
PE: Monday and Thursday
Spellings: Wednesday
Homework: due Thursday's