In English this half term, we will use the book 'The Water Horse' to generate some extended pieces of writing, including explanation texts, narratives and setting descriptions. We will continue to challenge ourselves with vocabulary, apply a range of grammatical rules and proof read our writing. In reading, children will be using inference and retrieval skills whilst using and providing appropriate evidence from a text to justify their ideas.
Year_4 Summer 2 Curriculum Topics
In Mathematics, children will be revising and consolidating skills they have learnt this year, including fractions, time, measurement and symmetry. Children will be tested on their multiplication facts each Friday and will be expected to use their times tables to problem solve fluently and accurately. Reasoning and investigative work will help the children deepen their understanding.
For our Science lessons, we will be exploring the changing states of materials – solids, liquids and gasses. We will identify how we can change between states by heating, melting and evaporation, and we will conduct some experiments to test our scientific predictions. To link to our Topic, we will also be learning about the different stages of the water cycle.
What lies beneath the Blue Abyss?
Y4 will be delving deep into the Blue Abyss this term exploring the oceans, rivers and lakes around the world, the different zones within the ocean and even the creatures that live within! We will debate the plastic issue surrounding our oceans, identify different bodies of water on maps and sketching water creatures and using water paints!
In preparation for the Wind in the Willows festival in July, we will continue our weekly singing sessions and explore pitch, dramatisation and harmonies.

In Art, we will be sketching underwater sea creatures, using blue water paints to explore tone and shadow, and we will explore the work of J. Vincent Scarpace.
Y4 children will be lucky enough to compete in an Arches cricket tournament this half term so we will look at the skills needed as well as continuing our athletics work ready for Sports Day!

Our Big Question in RE is 'Do people need to go to church to show they are Christians?'
In MFL we will be revising all of the skills we have learnt over the year - numbers, hobbies, colours, days of the week and family.

In PSHE, we will be covering SRE. We will also be exploring financial capability - accounts, mortgages and benefits.