Mini Zoo Topic
This half term will include us studying a variety of animals and their habitats. We will think about animal diets, how animals adapt to their environments and researching general facts about them. We will be making cross-curricular links with other topics such as English, science and computing in order to embed our learning. We will be visited by Sam Safari and we will visit Cannon Hall Farm to gain first hand experience of the topic
Year_1 Summer 2 Curriculum Topics
Many links will be made to our topic 'Mini Zoo'. We will be writing descriptions, recounts, letters, poems and non fiction texts about the different animals we have studied. As always, we will work hard to punctuate our writing accurately with ,.?! as well as developing our ability to self check and edit our work to improve it. We will continue to practise our handwriting to ensure our letters are correctly orientated, we have clear capital letters, ascenders and descenders.
We will continue to count on and back in 2, 5 and 10s and count on and back from 100. As well as this, we will work hard to recall number bonds to 10 and 20 and apply these facts to solve problems. We will also spend our time revisiting topics such as fractions, multiplication and division and measure to ensure that this learning is embedded before entering Year 2.
What Will You find in the Zoo?
Our topic is titled 'Animals including Humans'. This will include us studying the different structures of animals and learning about different types of animals such as amphibians, reptiles and mammals. We will think about different animal diets and how animals adapt to survive and thrive in their environment. We will study the human body and think about our senses and what life would be like without them. The science vocabulary has been emailed home with the target words for this half term so please familiarise yourselves with them.
Links to our topic 'Mini Zoo' will be made with us locating species of animals from around the world and we will use atlases to think about the country's scale and size in comparison to the UK. We will also study the Amazon Rainforest and think about the scale and size of the country, the climate and the physical and human features.
This half term we will study the scientist Jane Goodall and research and learn about the work she completed whilst studying chimpanzees. We will think about the chronology of her life and the main events which have had an impact on today.
PSHE-Living in the Wider World
PE-Tennis and gymnastics
RE-Does celebrating Chanukah make Jewish children feel closer to God?
Computing-Grouping and Sorting