This half term, we will be using the adventure book Tough Boris and non fiction texts as a stimulus for some captivating writing. We will be creating our own newspaper reports, diaries, narratives and information texts. We will continue to develop our writing by using paragraphs, conjunctions and direct speech.
Year_3 Spring 1 Curriculum Topics
In maths this half term we will be focusing on the following topics:
- Time (time facts, duration of time, telling the time)
- Shape (angles, parallel and perpendicular lines)
- Measures (volume/capacity)
We will be investigating animals including humans to answer the following questions:
Where can living and non living things be found?
How can we ensure we have a balanced diet?
How does the skeletal and muscular system support our bodies?
What type of a pirate are you?
Geography / History
What are pirates and why do they exist?
Why are some pirates famous?
Where can pirates be found? How long have they existed?
What are modern day pirates?
Art and DT
Sketching - portraits of famous pirates
Shading - plan, design and evaluate pirate flags
Cooking - designing and baking pirate biscuits
In RE we will be focusing on the following question:

Could Jesus really heal people? Were these miracles or is there some other explanation?
PSHE - feelings and emotions
Spanish - colours, names of fruit, stating preferences
PE - games and gymnastics