In English, we will base our engaging work around the ‘Stig of the Dump’ book. This captivating story will inspire us as we create our own narratives, poetry and information texts. We will have a focus on paragraphing; using expanded noun phrases; dialogue and proof reading work.
Year_4 Summer 1 Curriculum Topics
The following topics will be covered next half term in our exciting maths lessons:
-Time (including telling the time on a 24 hour clock)
- Number and place value (round numbers to 10, 100 and 100; comparing and ordering numbers)
-Fractions and decimals
Our next science topic will explore the fascinating world of ‘sound’ and we will be investigating the following questions:
How are sounds made?
How do sounds travel?
How can we change the volume and pitch of a sound?
What is an echo?
The Flintstones
Our topic this half term is called ‘Flintstones’ and will be investigating the Stone Age. During this topic, we will investigate the following:
When was the Stone Age?
What happened during the Stone Age?
How did people survive?
What is Stonehenge? Is it significant?
In art, we will be creating our own Stone Age style cave paintings as well as exploring art that has been created out of rock or stone. We will aim to create our own exciting sculptures once we have been inspired!
We will be exploring the following questions in RE:
Is forgiveness always possible?
Do religious people lead better lives?
Do all religious beliefs influence people to behave well towards others?
Reading mornings: Tuesday and Thursday
PE: Thursday and Friday (plus every other Tuesday)