We will be continuing our work on poetry this half term focusing on the layout and punctuation. We will then be reading narratives linked to transport.
Year_1 Spring 1 Curriculum Topics
We will focus our work on addition and subtraction before moving onto shape. We will be looking at 2d and 3d shapes and recognizing patterns within them.
PE will continue to be Wednesdays (with Mrs Wright) and Thursdays (dance with Miss Denman).
How would you travel to Australia?
In science our work will be on the human body ans senses. We will look at what senses we have and how we use them and naming body parts.
In history we will be looking at George Stephenson and the history of trains. We will look at how transport has developed over time. We will be building on our knowledge of the Victorian era from the Autumn term to see how transport has changed since then.
Our main focus in Geography will be looking at different countries around the world and considering the ways that we can travel there. We will begin some work on maps and exploring compass directions and positional language to consider different routes and journeys we will take.
Art and Design
We will be focusing on famous artists who have painted transport such as David Briggs and Vincent Van Gogh. We will then use their work to inspire us with our own art work